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Whitetail Deer
White Swans
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Welcome to the Seney National Wildlife Refuge
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Canadian Geese


Whitetail Deer

White Swans



Public Notice:

While outdoor sites remain open at Seney National Wildlife Refuge during the current coronavirus pandemic, we urge visitors to follow CDC guidelines. Maintain adequate social distancing, avoid overcrowding and exercise good hygiene. If a parking lot is full when you visit, please do not stop. We understand that the outdoors can help relieve stress, but these guidelines must be followed for our public health and safety. For now, the refuge visitor center and other public facilities are closed and most scheduled events have been postponed. For more information please visit the webpage, FWS Coronavirus Response.

Children at the Seney Wildlife Refuge learning about caterpillars turning into butterflies.

Seney Natural History Association
Friends of the Refuge

Welcome to the Seney Natural History Association (SNHA).  We are a non-profit organization that has helped fund programs at Seney National Wildlife Refuge since 1987. Income from the Marshland Bookstore, membership dues and generous donations help the Association accomplish our mission.

Our Mission:

"To promote a better understanding and appreciation of the natural history and natural environment of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, by working in cooperation with refuge staff to support its mission."

Four children having fun learning about trout.

Our activities include:

  • Staffing the Visitor Center information desk
  • Operate the Marshland Bookstore
  • Cosponsor special events including:
    • Children's Fishing Day
    • Youth in the Outdoors
    • Photo Contests
  • Fund interns
  • Provide educational materials for use in school classrooms
  • Fund displays, brochures, observation decks, scopes, and binoculars
  • We assist the Refuge Staff with trail construction and maintenance along with other projects

SNHA also operates the bookstore in the Visitor Center. Marshland Bookstore
SNHA also operates the bookstore in the Visitor Center. It's open from May 15th - October 20th, daily from 9am-5pm. We sell apparel, outdoor products and a large variety of printed materials. Field guides, history books, children's books and other informational materials are must haves for any nature lover! All profits help support the Refuge.

Are you someone who enjoys all the refuge has to offer and likes what Seney Natural History Association is doing?  We invite you to visit our Join and Donate page to learn how you can contribute or become a part of this great organization.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Check out Seney Natural History Association on Facebook.  Like us and share your photos and experiences!

Friends of the Seney Wildlife Refuge Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors

Bill MacLachlan- President
Bill Hart- Vice-President
Nancy Strawe- Treasurer
Laura Gasaway- Secretary


Ron Annelin 
Dave Bohlen 
Laura Gasaway
Bill Hart
Bernie Hubbard
Tom Kenney
Bill MacLachlan
George Phinney
Susan Rechner
Nancy Strawe

Learn more about Seney National Wildlife Refuge by visiting their website:

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Land of Beauty & Opportunity

SNHA volunteers working to provide events for children. Free fishing day for children.

7 mile Marshland Wildlife Drive Young Pileated Wood Peckers wait for food.

Three young kits await mama's return. Seney Wildlife Refuge free fishing weekend.

Beautiful loon spreading. Two beautiful Trumpeter Swans at the Seney Wildlife Refuge.